Landscaping Design Ideas for Commercial Property and Office Buildings

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When your commercial property looks great, you create a welcoming environment for tenants and their customers. Keeping your office building well-maintained inside and out is a necessity, but investing in beautiful commercial landscaping design is important as well.

Choose a landscaping design that breaks away from the expected. The great news is that many landscaping design ideas for commercial property are affordable and contemporary. Your business will benefit when you embrace unique commercial landscaping ideas.

4 Popular Commercial Landscaping Design Ideas

Here are four popular commercial property landscaping ideas that are attractive and affordable.

Energy Efficient Commercial Property Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Office Buildings

An expert landscaper can add beauty to your commercial property while helping you lower heating and cooling bills. For instance, planting windbreaks can make cool winters and hot summers easier to bear and less expensive at the same time.

These trees or hedges protect the property’s interior from the wind, making your office more inviting for clients and employees while lowering your utility bill. Plus, the windbreaks provide cooling shade in the summer and serve to muffle traffic sounds. These windbreaks are practical and create attractive surroundings for your office buildings.

Functional Commercial Landscape Design for Buildings

Functional landscape design for office buildings and other commercial properties is a hot trend. Your commercial property can include bicycle paths, outdoor cooking areas or even gardens. These outdoor refuges entice both customers and employees, making your property an even bigger asset.

Functional areas aren’t purely recreational; they can be used as outdoor work spaces as well. You can add features like outdoor heaters that help moderate weather variations and make the outdoors more attractive year-round.

Water Conservation in Commercial and Office Landscape Design

In many areas of the country, drought and limited water supplies have become a real issue. Commercial landscape design ideas now include water management ideas. These concepts include using plants that are native to a region, since they tend to require less water.

Landscapers are incorporating more low-water use plants and improving their irrigation methods. During a drought, your landscaping will require less water to keep it looking green and healthy.

Hardscaping, the use of non-plant features, is still a popular trend that cuts down on water usage and makes your commercial property easier and less expensive to maintain.

Rustic stone walkways, benches and patios, when mixed with the right trees and plants, can add low-care beauty to your property and encourage people to spend more time outdoors.

Incorporating Color to Office Building Landscaping

Office Landscaping Design Ideas

Many businesses are incorporating color into their office building landscaping ideas. Bright, resilient perennials are cost-effective, low maintenance and wildly vibrant.

You could choose tall, blue veronica that works in the north or the south or even a wildflower like blanket flower, which is a drought-tolerant and heat-resistant species. If you want to shake things up, you can mix in annuals every year, using your perennials as a colorful base for your landscape design.

Implement Your Commercial Landscape Design Ideas Today!

Landscape design ideas for commercial property don’t have to be boring or staid. Your landscaper can add wild color and original plant groupings that will make your commercial property stand out from other businesses.

In addition to creating a beautiful space, you can also create a highly functional one that invites employees and clients to use the outdoors instead of simply walking through it. Incorporating climate-friendly and drought-resistant landscaping makes maintenance easy and affordable.

Commercial landscapes can be both exciting and practical when you blend practicality with creativity. Contact Zodega TIS today to learn more about how our Houston commercial landscaping can help improve your property.