Residential Landscaping Services in Houston

Caring for a home takes time and energy, so it makes sense to hire residential landscaping services to maintain your yard, driveway, and other exterior elements of your house.

Many residential landscape maintenance services in Houston offer basics like mowing and watering, but not much else. We’re different: As part of our property maintenance services, our high-end landscaping services can be supplemented with options like power washing and pest control.

Landscaping Design Services For Homes in Houston and Surrounding Areas

Our crew of dedicated technicians are trained in a variety of skills and available for residential landscaping projects of all scopes and sizes and work with clients to create customized landscaping packages at an affordable cost. We’re flexible — start out with a weekly mowing and add on new options whenever you wish.

Residential Backyard Landscaping Houston

Lawn Care Services

There’s nothing like a full, lush green lawn to enhance curb appeal and raise the value of a home.

We offer our expertise throughout the Houston area, assessing a yard’s needs before developing a personalized landscape maintenance strategy for each client. Our residential lawn service in Houston includes lawn aeration, mowing, watering, and fertilizing according to the needs of your yard.

We can test soil, install watering systems, lay down sod, fill in bare patches, and bring tired lawns back to health. Our lawn care products and equipment are fully tested and approved for safe use in residential environments, and we can use organic products upon request.

We take pride in every yard we serve.

Backyard Landscaping Company

Our experienced staff in Houston is trained in all aspects of landscape implementation and design. In addition to basic chores such as gutter cleaning and leaf removal, we can plant and tend flower beds, till gardens, expand or contract existing features, arrange stones, lay brick, and replenish soil, mulch and gravel.

We help clients design their landscaping projects with a professional eye, creating a sense of flow and enhancing the natural qualities of the yard. Some of the services in a landscaping package might include hedge pruning, tree planting, trash removal, installing solar and holiday lights, and construction of special features such as fountains, pools, stone walls, and fencing.

Other services like power washing and mobile car detailing can be added on as needed.

Guaranteed Residential Landscaping Results

We work with each client to create a customized landscaping service at an affordable price. Our expert landscaping exterior home care comes with a service commitment and satisfaction guarantee.

We work throughout the Houston area and are available for consultations, estimates and appointments at your request.

Contact us online, or call us at 713-480-2372 to create your home maintenance package today.