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Full Service Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance in Houston, TX

At Zodega we take a holistic approach to your residential or commercial landscaping and lawn services, in addition to your other property maintenance needs in Houston.  We don’t simply offer a solution to one piece of a very complex puzzle, we offer you a complete full service approach to managing all your lawn and landscaping maintenance needs in one place and for a predictable monthly cost.

Houston landscaping and lawn services

Landscaping Services

Whether you need a weekly or bi-weekly mow, an off-schedule tidy-up, or have more personalized needs that may include a fertilization regimen, our professional landscaping services in Houston are flexible and designed to work in harmony with your routine and specific needs.

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Houston lawn and landscape service

Lawn Care Services

Whether you would like us to arrange a weekly mow and tidy-up or lawn care on a monthly basis, our professional services in Houston are flexible and designed to work in harmony with your routine and requirements.

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Houston lawn care and landscaping services

Power/Pressure Washing Services

Eliminate the dirt and debris which builds up on sidings, sidewalks, patios and other areas of your property in Houston. Power washing uses pressurized water to clean off the surface much more effectively than a hose or other method.

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Houston lawn maintenance and landscaping

Pest Control Services

Texas is known for having a ton of insects and some of the largest squirrels in the U.S., so removing annoying critters can be a continuous problem. If you need residential preventive pest control services in Houston, give us a ring.

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Are you ready to experience the Zodega difference in our professional lawn care and landscaping services in Houston? We offer complete full-service lawn care and landscaping, alongside power/pressure washing, pest control, and irrigation system management to suit your specific needs at a predictable monthly cost. Fill out the form to receive a free quote on your commercial or residential landscaping and lawn services.

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