Commercial Interior Landscaping in Houston

When most people talk about landscaping, they’re referring to the outdoors or areas surrounding a building. You probably rarely think about commercial or office interior landscaping, although everyone has come across it.

Interior landscaping has a huge impact on the overall appeal of an indoor space. At Zodega, we proudly offer indoor landscaping services in Houston for clients who are interested in maximizing their commercial indoor spaces in a creative way.

What is Interior Landscaping?

Naturally, the first question people ask our team is what interior landscaping is?

Interior landscaping is a way to bring the outdoor feel inside a commercial or office building. While you likely don’t have a dirt floor in your indoor spaces, you can still include plants in the layout.

Incorporating living plants enhances the look and feel of any space. You can get pretty creative with indoor landscape design, such as hanging plants from walls, adding planters to room dividers, and even growing trees in large pots.

Best Indoor Landscaping Plants

Now that you know what interior landscaping elements might involve, you’ll likely remember having noticed it in the past. Hotels, malls, offices, and many other commercial spaces proudly incorporate interior landscape architecture, with the plants adding color and depth to the space.

If you’re interested in interior landscaping for your commercial or office space in Houston, Texas, contact us today for a quote.

Benefits of Indoor Landscaping Elements

Being around plants in the indoors comes with many benefits. It is common knowledge that plants brighten up rooms that otherwise might feel plain or sterile, by adding a splash of color and some aesthetic appeal. Here are a few less know benefits of interior greenery:

Enhances Mood

What is less known is how people feel happier when they spend time around interior landscaping elements. Studies have shown that having natural elements around you reduces stress and boosts productivity. In fact, office plants can help increase staff well-being by up to 47%. That’s an ideal work environment for employees and a great way to help clients and customers feel welcome.

Reduces Noise

Interior landscaping elements absorb noise better than traditional interior décor, acting like natural insulation. The reduction in background noise helps with phone conversations and further improves employee morale.

Makes a Good Impression

Visitors will be impressed with the incorporation of creative indoor landscape ideas, which will reflect well on your organization.

Filters Toxins

Also, the plants supply fresh oxygen and natural scents to the indoors, while filtering out toxins. That means employees get sick less often which further enhances their productivity.

Helps with Bills

Plants also boost humidity levels, reducing cooling costs in the summer.

Commercial Interior Landscape Maintenance

Of course, just like the landscaping outside your place of business, interior landscaping plants require regular maintenance. While regularly watering the plants is part of the necessary maintenance, some items are best left to a professional. Just remember that you reap the benefits from keeping the plants in good health.

Commercial Interior Landscaping Services in Houston, TX

Our Houston, TX commercial landscaping team at Zodega can craft a customized plan to maintain your interior landscaping elements properly. This might include regular pruning, fertilization, disease prevention, and cleanings. These indoor landscaping services will help ensure the plants look their best and provide the full spectrum of benefits.

Commercial and Office Interior Landscaping Ideas from Zodega

Perhaps one of the most challenging elements of indoor landscape design is coming up with ideas of how to incorporate it into a commercial space. The Houston interior landscaping experts at Zodega will offer valuable insight into what will work best for your space and budget.

Now that you have a better understanding of what interior landscaping is and the benefits it provides, contact Zodega today for professional advice on what will work for your space.