Commercial Preventive Pest Control in Houston

Preventive pest control services in Houston diagnose issues before they become problems that can impact an entire yard. Commercial pest control companies give you peace of mind that your grass, shrubs, trees and plants are free from the damage that pests can cause.

Commercial Preventive Pest Control Houston

Elements of Our Commercial Preventive Pest Control

Because pests can destroy an entire lawn in just one season, prevention is key to keeping your landscaping pest free and beautiful for years to come.

Bug Control and Treatment Services

Even small insects can do big damage to lush, green grass. Grubs (or beetle larvae) munch on the roots of grass, causing brown and dead patches. Cinch bugs kill lawns by feasting on the sap found in blades of grass. Armyworms eat both blade and stem, leaving skeletons of leaves and other plants throughout your landscape.

But insects aren’t just dangerous to foliage. Some insects carry the following diseases or cause life-threatening stings, such as:

  • Ticks carry Lyme disease, infecting people from just one bite
  • Murine typhus is transmitted by rat fleas and cat fleas.
  • Mosquitoes carry West Nile, a dangerous virus causing vomiting, diarrhea, rash, fever, weakness, and even death
  • Cockroaches carry salmonella and E. coli, which causes severe reactions in those with asthma and other health conditions
  • Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets give painful stings that are life-threatening to those with allergies

The right pest control program can eliminate these unwanted guests to your lawn and prevent further infestations.

Don’t Stop After Commercial Preventive Pest Control Services

Commercial pest control in Houston is just one part of a comprehensive lawn care package. Waste removal, watering, trimming, weed control, fertilizing and mowing work together with pest control to create healthy, bug-free, and beautiful lawns and gardens.

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