Houston Sod Installation Company

With the right knowledge, you could potentially install sod on your own. However, due to the Houston climate and different types of grass in this region, it can be hard to get your sod to take root. Let the Houston Sod Installation experts at Zodega establish a healthy and attractive lawn for you today.

Sod Installation Company in Houston

Leverage Discounted Houston Sod Installation Prices

Houston Sod Installation prices will be higher if you take a DIY approach. When you use professional sod installation companies like Zodega, we leverage the preferred pricing from our supplier network and pass the savings on to you. We are able to negotiate these discounted sod prices because of the repeat business we provide.

Soil Prep and Laying of Sod

Soil preparation before laying your sod is arguably the most vital part of the process. Without the right base, your sod may not take root and you could end up with a brown lawn for the coming year. There are nuances in soil preparation based on drainage patterns, grass type, and the nutrient content of your soil. For example, the ideal installation time in Houston, Texas for St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia Sod will all differ slightly.

Your sod installation process needs to happen seamlessly. Leaving gaps could lead to harmful weed growth, or dead patches where the roots had poor soil contact. Weeds between sod rows could leave your lawn in Houston striped for months or even years.

Houston Sod Installation Service

Professional Lawn Sod Installation and Maintenance

Zodega, an expert Houston sod installation company in Texas, can help with regular sod maintenance. Installing sod is the first step toward being the envy of your neighbors. To keep a pristine and aesthetic lawn, you need to maintain your grass properly.

Residential and commercial lawn care companies like Zodega can help your lawn grow and thrive to maximize curb appeal.

Contact Zodega today for a quote on the sod installation cost of your upcoming  lawn maintenance needs in the greater Houston area.