Redesign Your Landscape Before the Spring

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Beat the Winter Blues: Plan Your Spring Landscape Redesign

Many parts of the nation have experienced extreme winter weather in recent weeks, leaving residents huddled in their homes wondering if the bleak season will ever end.

If you want to escape the gloom of these winter weeks, begin planning to redesign your residential landscape in Houston. This exercise will keep you occupied and get you ready for landscaping action when spring arrives. Your mood will improve, and your lawn will reap the benefits.

So, what services does a Houston landscaping company offer? Let’s visit the basics.


Hardscaping is an important part of any lawn landscape redesign, but it is also often overlooked by homeowners in favor of flowers and greenery.

While lawn and other plant life are essential to beautifying your Houston property, they need hardscaping elements to create balance. Adding new lighting elements, stone pathways and retaining walls can bring new life to your property if you plan them well.

Experts recommend that you consult with a landscape designer or consultant before you finalize your plans. All pathways, fountains and walls need to complement the exterior of your home so that they enhance and not distract from your residence. You should limit your choices of materials to two or three substances so all elements look integrated.

You also need to properly prepare your lawn for these additions, otherwise you may face drainage problems, which can adversely affect your grass and plants.

If you plan well, your lawn care professionals will be able to implement your design promptly in the spring or summer, meaning you can enjoy the additions in just a few months.


Houston homeowners often take a casual approach to implementing perennials and annuals, planting varieties that catch their eye without planning ahead. You want your flowers and plants to complement each other and to provide you with continuous blooms throughout the spring and summer.

Plant choice and placement require careful consideration for the best results. While planning to redesign your landscape, you need to consider replacing some plants and relocating others. You need to keep an open mind and take out that patch of daylilies if necessary.


When planning your new annual plantings, you need to carefully measure your yard so that you know how much room you have for your choices.

You also have to consider the quality of the soil and the amount of sun each area gets. When choosing your plants, limit yourself to a few basic colors so your design looks continuous.

Also, don’t overlook foliage plants. They can add depth to your flower beds and serve to highlight the blooms of other plants.


Choosing new perennials requires extreme care since they should be a part of your lawn for years and years. You can have separate annual and perennial beds, but mixing the two can give your property a more distinctive look.

Many gardeners choose to make perennial borders which can frame foliage plants and annuals. These hardy plants help you create a cohesive lawn design that still allows you to change things up by alternating your annuals each year.

Redesign Your Landscape

Planning a landscape redesign in winter can lift your mood and ensure that your lawn looks beautiful during growing season.

Be certain to include your landscape specialist in your planning. Ask their advice and get an estimate for their services. When spring arrives, you’ll have a head start on a beautiful new lawn.

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