Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler System Audit in Houston, TX

sprinkler system audit

Zodega proudly offers both water and system audits for your existing residential or commercial sprinkler system. We are state of Texas certified water auditors as well as Certified Environmental Protection Agency auditors. Well… that’s great, but what is a landscape irrigation audit and why do I need one?

Sprinkler System Audit

irrigation audit costA system audit is a complete inspection of your existing irrigation system. We check every component starting with the water meter and moving on to the backflow device, controller, sensor, main line, valves, lateral lines, the heads and nozzles. We test these items and ensure that there are no leaks, breaks or other issues to be sure that everything is in good working order.

When we are finished, we provide you with a detailed report on the status of each item along with any advice or options that you may have to save money and reduce water consumption while promoting a healthier landscape environment. An audit not only promotes a healthier landscape and saves you money but it gives you peace of mind knowing that your system is functioning properly.

We suggest getting a water audit on your existing system and then adding one of our maintenance packages to maintain your system.

Water and Irrigation Audit Cost

irrigation audit sprinkler systemA water audit covers everything that our system audit covers but we take it all a step further with a complete and accurate water usage and efficiency analysis. Small catch-cans are placed like a grid around your lawn to collect irrigation water. These cans are measure carefully and that data along with all of the specific zone and site information is entered into a computer program that analyzes it all and quantifies the efficiency of your system.

This information in turn allows us to make adjustments to the areas that are inefficient and to set a monthly watering schedule that ensures you are giving your landscape the water it needs, but no more. This process has been shown to bring an ROI (Return on Investment) between three and six over the first three years meaning that for each dollar you spend on the audit you will get three to six dollars back in terms of water savings.

This tool is a must for Home Owners Associations and commercial properties that use millions of gallons of water on irrigation each year. As a property manager you can use Taylor Irrigation Service to cut your water costs by as much as sixty percent.

Your irrigation audit cost varies depending upon the size of the property and system so contact us online today and ask about our system or water audit options so that you can start making your system work for you!

Save time, save money, save water and have the healthiest landscape possible… you can’t afford not to.