Landscape Designers Houston, TX

Get quality, custom landscape design by working with Zodega TIS today. Our industry leading, award-winning, landscape designers in Houston, TX will design your landscaping to fit the needs of your lawn, as well as your wallet.

From custom designs to a la carte services, we are one of the leading landscape design companies in the Houston area.

Landscape Designers in Houston

Emphasis on Sustainable Landscape Designs

We are committed to green landscape design services. This means that every aspect of our process — from design to the finished work — is as efficient as possible.

When you use our landscaping design services in Houston, you will know that:

  • We focus on reducing the impact on natural resources. Instead, we incorporate those in our plans.
  • We provide a return on your investment by lower utility bills and reducing need for long-term maintenance.
  • Our Houston, Texas landscape design services take an organic approach, from materials to a staff trained to ensure your landscape thrives.

Reduce Strain on Resources

Our sustainable landscape services do more than use organic products. Through innovative technology and our focus on conserving resources, our landscaping designers in Houston, TX will use less water and other resources, while still looking extravagant at the same time.

Landscaping Design in Houston, TX

Our efforts are proven to reduce water usage and our LED lights use less electricity while giving a brighter view.

Get Expert Landscape Design Help from Zodega TIS Today

Our expert Houston landscape designers will guide you through choosing what features should be added to your landscape.

We keep in mind that the relationship between your plants, water, and soil is what will make your landscape thrive. That’s why, beyond the thrill factor, we focus on providing landscaping that is a win for you, your lawn and the environment.

When choosing a company with a proven track record of sustainable design, look no further than Zodega TIS. You’ll love the way your landscape looks and the way your pocket feels.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our experts will come to your lawn and cover all of your questions and concerns.