Irrigation Backflow Testing in Houston

In addition to having licensed irrigation designers on staff, we are also a licensed irrigation backflow inspector with the state of Texas and the City of Houston.

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t know what the backflow device is, let alone what it does. We are here to help. The backflow is the most important component of your irrigation system because it protects you and your family from harmful chemicals that can be present on your lawn.

Irrigation Backflow Repair Houston, Texas

When a sprinkler system is finished watering and the heads are lowered back into the ground a vacuum is created. This means that whatever is on your lawn is now inside of your irrigation pipes including pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and animal droppings.

The backflow device (there are a number of different kinds and a variety of manufacturers) protects your family’s tap water from these harmful contaminants.

What is a backflow device?

A backflow device is required on all irrigation systems within the state of Texas. A backflow must be installed up to code and because of the many irrigation contractors operating without a license, many of these devices are not and often times they are not installed at all. Code dictates what type of device is installed and how it is installed.

Once a backflow device is installed it has to be inspected. If the device is repaired or relocated at any point it must be inspected again. Commercial properties must then have the backflow inspected annually thereafter. We highly recommend that home owners have their backflow devices inspected annually as well because this device is there to protect your health. We are trained, certified and licensed to install, repair, relocate and inspect your backflow device.

Licensed Backflow Testers Houston, TX

Backflow devices are the part of the system that routinely freezes and breaks if not properly protected during the winter. Learning how to care for these devices and how to winterize them is very important or you could be ensuring that yours breaks and they are certainly not cheap to repair. Taylor Irrigation Service offers winterization services individually as well as part of our irrigation maintenance packages.

Backflow inspection is a completely different license than the common landscape irrigation license. When dealing with a backflow, whether it is installation, repair or inspection, it is recommended that you seek the services of a licensed backflow tester rather than an irrigation contractor.

Utilize Our Houston Backflow Test Service

Irrigation Backflow Testing Houston

Backflow tests are essential at least once a year for your irrigation system. With our backflow test service in Houston, TX, you can make sure that water from your property is not washing back into a potable water supply and potentially effecting your drinking water.

Our Houston backflow repair service can appropriately address any problems or disrepairs in your system so that you don’t put your health, or the health of anyone else, at risk. The following is some general information that underscores the need for backflow testing and Houston irrigation repair service.

  • When backflow invades your drinking water, it’s not always readily apparent. This is an invisible hazard that could put you at risk.
  • Our Houston backflow testing is administered by certified professionals. Our tests are accurate and thorough.
  • The only thing standing between outside water and your potable water source is a backflow preventer. These aren’t always 100 percent indestructible and can malfunction — our backflow preventer repairs can resolve any issues.

When you work with us, you are working with men and women that specialize in irrigation backflow preventer installation in Houston TX in addition to irrigation systems in general.

Licensed Irrigation Backflow Testers Houston

As a certified, licensed and insured backflow inspector we can meet all of your backflow needs so that you and your family are protected from the possibility of backflow contamination.

Contact us today for your consultation or backflow inspection.