How to Get Grass to Grow in Shade in Texas

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Growing grass under trees can certainly be a challenge. The reason is pretty obvious to most – grass needs sunshine to thrive. Many varieties even require rather strong and lengthy periods of light.

As beautiful and necessary as trees are, they can provide so much shade that it becomes detrimental to grass growth. Further, they can drain the soil of its moisture and nutrients, leaving very little for the withering grass beneath.

There is good news for Houston homeowners and business owners. Some varieties of grass that will grow in the shade do exist, and if properly maintained, these types can successfully cover the ground. So, never fear: you can see healthy, gorgeous green grass in your shady areas.

What’s the best grass for shade in Texas, you ask? We’ll dive into that very question today. Keep reading to learn what kind of grass grows in the shade in Texas.

Getting Grass to Grow in Shady Areas

What grass will grow in shade? Most of the lawn grasses out there require 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive. But some shade-tolerant kinds can grow with only 4 hours, and that light doesn’t even have to be full sun, which is encouraging if you’re dealing with mostly shady spots in your yard or commercial space. If you’ve got a minimum of 4-6 hours of filtered or dappled light, you can still see a healthy green natural carpet.

What Type of Grass Best Grows in Shade?

Getting grass to grow under trees can be quite easy, and it starts by selecting the best grass seed for shade in Texas. Here’s a list of shade-tolerant grass varieties:

4 Best Types of Grass for Shade to Plant in Texas

Best Grass To Grow in Shade

For cooler seasons…

You could try these for your seasonal landscaping needs.

  • Tall and Fine Fescue: These types are known for their ability to survive in partial sun to shade. They are notorious for succeeding in cold winters and depending on the variety (Tall), you will see this grass remain healthy despite drought, shade, heat, and heavy traffic. Always check the label before purchasing. All fescue will respond well to regular aeration and lawn fertilizing on a schedule in Houston.
  • Ryegrass: This type appreciates a bit more sun than the previous option. Ryegrass germinates quickly, and it can endure heavy foot-traffic. You’ll commonly see this variety in seed blends for chilly seasons as well as in the overseeding option for warmer seasons.

For warmer seasons…

These two will acclimate to the Houston heat perfectly.

  • Zoysia: This type can certainly thrive in partial sun and prefers a well-drained growing site. Warmer climates are ideal. It’s a bit more high-maintenance, but its lush appearance is worth it.
  • Augustine: This type works well with that seemingly impossible sandy soil. It’s a warm-weather grass that lasts well into the autumn season. Its beautiful blue-green color makes it a go-to for many.

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Tips for How to Get Grass Seed to Grow in Shade

When you’re shopping for the best grass seed for Texas shade, you’re not only looking for shade-tolerant grasses but also varieties that adapted to your region.

Another tip is to purchase a mix or blend of grass seed. If one variety fails, another type might make it instead. Pay for top-quality blends, because settling for low-grade seed could result in no grass at all.

Best Grass Seed for Shade Under Trees

In addition, when growing grass under oak trees and the like, consider removing lower limbs and even pruning interior ones to open up the overhead canopy. In doing so, you’ll allow more sunlight to filter through to the ground below. This has the added benefit of providing more air circulation at the center of the trees.

If your trees are established and rather large, seek the advice and help of a landscape and lawn maintenance company.

Bonus Tip for Grass That Grows in the Shade in Texas

When landscaping under oak trees and other thick canopy varieties in Texas, be sure to water the grass at least once per week during dry spells. Following a regular lawn watering schedule will keep your grass healthy and resilient.

You’ll also need to fertilize the grass about three times annually. Trees absorb the majority of soil’s nutrients, so your grass will depend on you feeding it to keep it healthy.

For help or more information about how to grow grass in the shade, contact us today for a quote. We are the partners you can rely on for the best grass for shady areas in Texas and so much more!