Fall Yard Cleanup Landscaping Checklist for Houston, Texas

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Autumn can be gorgeous, but for a homeowner, it can be a bit of a hassle. Fall yard cleanup can consume your time, even during a mild Texas fall.

What do Houston landscapers do in the fall that can help ease this burden?

Fall Yard Care, Leaf Removal, and Cleanup Checklist

As you prepare for some cleaning, here is a fall yard cleanup checklist to help.

Debris and Leaf Removal

Begin your fall yard care checklist by removing debris. Any leaves, weeds, or other dead fauna should be removed as soon as possible. Not only is it inconvenient, but pests may hide in the debris and emerge when it warms up.

Leaves can affect the grass as well, so perform leaf removal by using a rake or a lawnmower. While Texas doesn’t get too cold, it’s still worth cleaning debris from your yard.

Gutter Leaf Removal

Fall Yard Leaf Removal Houston

A commonly overlooked facet of fall cleanup is gutter maintenance. Leaves can accumulate, and you won’t realize it until your house’s gutters clog and your siding is damaged.

Cleaning your drains regularly is a good practice, but you should be even more mindful of this during the fall.

Plant Anything That Grows Well in Fall

If you garden, your gardening doesn’t have to end. Some plants grow well in mild temperatures. Some shrubs and bulbs will grow at this time. Do some research and give your garden a fall-themed makeover. You’ll be glad you did.

Trim Your Branches

While Houston doesn’t get too many winter storms, anything is possible. If there are any branches that could break off during a freeze and damage your property, trim them. Prune any branches that appear to be dead as well. Your trees (and neighbors) will thank you.

Use Fertilizer

Weeds are always pesky, and during the fall there may be seeds in the ground waiting to germinate. Now is a good time to put some preemergent fertilizer in the ground that can prevent those weeds from growing.

Following a regular lawn fertilizer schedule in Houston throughout the entire year will help to prepare your yard for cooler temperatures.

Clean Up Those Acorns

Continue your fall cleanup landscaping process by monitoring acorns in your yard.

Houston is known for their abundance of acorns. There are many ways you can remove acorns from your yard. Rakes, leaf vacuums, and similar acorn removal tools may be able to do the job well.

Too many acorns can bring pests, kill grass, and they aren’t fun to step on!

Clean Up Your Garden

For your garden or fall flower bed cleanup, remove all annuals and cut back all perennials.

Composting can help as well. Once you’re done with your garden, give your tools a good cleaning and then store them away from the elements.

Take care of your garden, and your garden will take care of you!

Mow Your Yard

Give your yard a final mow. This helps keep the soil healthy and the grass from dying during a potential frost or freeze.

Are Any Plants Sensitive to Cold?

Fall Cleanup Landscaping Service Houston

While it doesn’t get too cold during a Texas winter, some plants are sensitive to even mild winters. If you have said plants, make sure you’re giving them extra protection to keep them warm.

You don’t always have to wrap a blanket around them, but make sure they are reinforced and monitor them carefully if the temperature drops.

Use a Gardening Fork to Aerate

This can help break apart the soil so that the nutrients can spread and prevent any water from pooling. For bigger jobs, use an aerator to break everything apart. This will depend on the size of your yard.

For commercial lawn care in Houston, you may need a professional team to aerate your lawn. This will reduce your time costs and keep your property healthy.

Wash Decks and Patios

Finally, end your fall landscaping checklist by giving your deck a good power washing. This can prevent mold and mildew from ruining it. Cleaning your deck should always be a regular occurrence, but you should be even more mindful during the fall.

If you’re a business with an exposed outdoor patio or cement slab, consider commercial pressure washing in Houston. This can keep your business front clean and attractive for patrons and employees.

How Much Does a Fall Yard Cleanup in Houston Cost?

How much does fall cleanup cost? Every home’s situation is different. It will depend on acreage and tree coverage, but extra tasks such as power washing and aeration can impose additional costs.

When fall hits your home in Houston, don’t waste your time doing all the cleanup yourself.

Get Professional Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

Zodega TIS is a residential and commercial lawn and landscape company in Houston that offers fall lawn care, yard cleanup, and leaf removal services for a good price.

Contact our team of Houston residential landscaping professionals today for a quote on your fall cleanup.