Best Way to Pick Up Acorns – Acorn Pick Up Tools and Tips

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Acorns can be a pain to clean up, especially in Houston, where acorns come down heavily in the fall. Acorn producing Oak trees are some of the best trees for Houston landscapes.

With autumn in full swing, now is the time to spend time in using acorn pick up tools or acorn collectors for your lawn. Besides cluttering your yard, here are some reasons for picking up acorns:

  • Acorns can hurt your lawn and inhibit the growth of your grass.
  • Acorns can sprout, creating seedlings that you’ll have to handle if they aren’t cleaned up promptly.
  • Acorns are used as food for some pests. Not just squirrels, but mice that carry disease may use the acorns as food.
  • When you mow your lawn, too many acorns can be dangerous. Your lawnmower may spit them out, causing injury. If you have kids who love to run around barefoot, stepping on acorns can hurt.

Squirrel picking up acorn from yard

How to Clean Up Acorns in Yard

You’re probably wondering – what can I do with fallen acorns? Here are a few ways you can pick up acorns easily using the following acorn pick up tools and acorn collectors:

  • Pick Up Acorns From Yard Early

The best way to get acorns out of the yard is to do it before they hit the yard. Before fall strikes, put tarps or netting around your Oak trees. Shake the tree’s limbs if they have acorns and they should fall to the tarp.

Afterwards, you can use them to dispose of the acorns. This type of collection is common for olive farmers and can work for your acorn disposal as well.

  • Picking Up Acorns from Lawn

Picking acorns up by hand is the most affordable way, but unless you have a small lawn, picking them up with your hands isn’t the best way to clean up acorns. Consider using professional lawn care and landscaping services or lawn equipment and accessories for acorn cleanup, if your time is valuable.

  • The Leaf Vacuum / Lawn Vacuum

Using a Lawn Vacuum to Clean Up Acorns from Yard

The leaf vacuum, also known as just a lawn vacuum, can suck up any acorns and leaves from the area. Some vacuums are stronger than others, so make sure the motor is powerful and can do the acorn collection job.

Lawn vacuums can be rented or purchased, so talk to the seller or loaner about how to pick up acorns with their vacuums. Like any vacuum, empty it out when it’s full or when you’re finished.

Regular shop vacuums can work as well, but it depends on the size of the vacuum, its power, and the area of your lawn.

  • The Lawn Sweeper

A lawn sweeper is an attachment to a lawnmower that collects debris that the lawnmower may have trouble handling. Will a lawn sweeper pick up acorns?

Lawn sweepers can pick up twigs, leaves, and acorns. They do this by either sucking them up like a vacuum or using rotating brushes to toss them into a collection bin. However, it isn’t an option if you don’t have lawn equipment that can pull the lawn sweeper.

  • The Nut Gatherer

The next way in our list of how to pick up acorns from your yard is the nut gatherer. Also known as a weasel. This rolling device picks up objects, including acorns, and puts them inside of a basket. Once you’re done, all you do is empty the basket. It’s quite easy to use and requires no gasoline or electricity. However, it’s not very efficient for bigger jobs.

  • Rake for Acorns

A Rake as an Acorn Pickup Tool

Finally, if you want a cost-effective solution to pick up acorns from yard but don’t want to use your hands, a rake always works. It’s the last step in our list of how to pick up acorns in your yard.

Raking up acorns helps you gather debris into one pile, which you can then scoop up and dispose of. However, if you have a giant lawn with several Oaks, you’re better off using a more powerful acorn pick up tool or acorn collector. Rakes are good for smaller jobs, however. While not the best acorn pick up tool, it works.

And that’s how to clean up acorns from your yard.

Contact the Professionals For Acorn Cleanup/Removal Services

If your yard is sizable and you feel overwhelmed because your best acorn pick up tool or acorn collector is not enough, contact the Houston lawn service experts at Zodega TIS.

Zodega TIS is a landscaping company that provides residential and commercial landscaping for everyone in the Houston area. Contact us today to request an acorn removal service quote on your property!