Residential Pest Control – Houston, TX

Are lawn pests a growing nuisance, and is home maintenance becoming a bigger hassle by the day? If ants, grubs or any number of other vermin have infiltrated your lawn, call us, and our residential lawn pest control services will get rid of them for you while also taking the utmost care to preserve your property.

Cockroaches, termites and ants are an unsettling addition to any yard. And if they’re crawling through your lawn and bushes, then they can cause damage incredibly quickly. Our lawn pest control in Houston will safely remove any yard-dwelling pests we find, but that’s not all we can do for you.

We provide lawn care, landscaping, car detailing and power washing, as well as pest control service, to every customer who signs up for our home maintenance package. We understand that keeping a beautiful and bug-free lawn takes more than pest control — even if pests are a horrifying sight for any homeowner to see.

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So if you have a busy schedule or you’re looking for a stress-free way to keep your yard in tip-top shape, then this comprehensive package providing residential pest control in Houston might be just what you need. We will keep your lawn weed-free, your bushes trimmed, your trees fertilized and your car clean while our specialists work to keep your yard pest-free.

Houston Pest Control Services Tailored to Your Needs

It doesn’t matter whether your home has been overrun with insects and arachnids like spiders, earwigs, fleas, ticks, bees or silverfish. We’ll remove them safely and protect your yard from further infestations.

With our maintenance package for home pest control in Houston, you get our combined pest control and home maintenance services to keep your yard in great condition. Our specialists will care for your property both gently and effectively. Plus, we’ll get rid of any pests that decide to set up shop in your house or yard as soon as they appear.

Texas is known for having a ton of insects, so removing annoying critters can be a continuous problem. If you need residential pest control services in Houston, give us a call at 713-955-7593. And if you want to learn more about all we can do to keep your home looking its best, be sure to ask us about our property maintenance services package.