Best Plants for a Privacy Screen from Neighbors

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The weather is warming up, and you’re thinking about the best plants for backyard privacy. Or maybe your commercial property could maybe use some good privacy plants. You can like your neighbors or the tenants next door, but that doesn’t mean you want to be keeping tabs on them (or vice versa).

Keep reading for all the details regarding plants that grow tall for privacy. These plants serve a practical purpose, but they also have many other benefits. Are you ready for some great options? Let’s get started.

Benefits of Plants That Provide Privacy

Perhaps you’ve considered a fence, but don’t want to or can’t install one. You still have plenty of options when it comes to plants for backyard privacy from neighbors or unappealing surroundings.

The benefits?

  • You’ll cover up objects or landscapes that aren’t to your liking. And you’ll do this with a living wall of plants.
  • You’ll create a wind barrier with your living privacy wall.
  • You’ll reduce sound and noise in your space.
  • Plants used for privacy screening act as a sort of fence between you and neighbors, street traffic, parking lots, construction sites, etc.

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What to Consider When Selecting Plants That Offer Privacy

You’ll first need to think about what type of tree, shrub, or grass will serve you best. You’ll want to determine how tall you need your backyard privacy hedge to be. It’s important to consider width as well.

Rows and spacing are essential planning factors. How dense can your privacy hedge be? It’s best to map things out.

Lastly, consider the timeline and physical labor involved. If you’re doing this yourself, you’ll have to plant in certain ways, at certain times. You’ll also need to train your plants to act as a living privacy fence.

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So, what are the best plants that provide privacy screen hedges/living fences? Let’s dive into some options for both a commercial landscape design privacy border, as well as some residential landscape privacy screen plants.

10 Popular Tall Plants for Privacy


1. Arborvitae

This is one of the most popular and best plants for privacy screen living fences. It’s a thick, dense evergreen. It’s low maintenance, and it tolerates cold weather as well as most soil types/conditions. You can opt for giant or dwarf when choosing your variety, so be sure to measure and understand your space.

2. Bamboo

There’s a misconception surrounding bamboo. Some people won’t even think about it. They believe it to be invasive. But not all varieties are! It’s certainly fast-growing. Looking for a backyard privacy fix on the quick side? This is a great pick.

best plants for privacy hedge

3. Boxwood

Some varieties grow up to 20 feet tall! And this backyard privacy hedge will look great whether it’s maintained or growing freely. It comes in a few colors like green, gold, and white. Many people will grow Boxwood in containers, but it works as a stand-alone hedge, too.

4. Cacti

Not everyone has these types of plants. They’re a bit more uncommon and unique. They have a modern look to them, and that may fit your style. Cacti are perfect for those hot and dry climates.

best trees for privacy screen

5. Cypress Trees

Wondering about the best trees for backyard privacy screen options? Cypress trees are tall, slender, and beautiful. You’re also adding value to your property. Potential buyers look for established trees in a yard or even around a business, so plan ahead.

6. Euonymus

This shrub is tall and sturdy. It tolerates all sorts of weather, and it’ll even thrive in some of the poorest of soils. It’ll give you a thick, lush, and even colorful hedge.

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7. Italian Buckthorn

Thinking you might need fast growing shrubs for backyard privacy screen? Look no further than Italian Buckthorn. To sweeten the deal, Italian Buckthorn is fire-retardant and drought-resistant.

8. Pink Hair Grass

Interested in tall ornamental grasses for screening? This beauty requires minimal effort. At about 4 feet tall, it’s ideal for a patio seating area. It can withstand dry conditions, loves the warmth, and even helps with erosion.

landscape privacy screen plants from neighbors

9. Privet

If you need privacy in a hurry, Privet is what you seek. It’ll grow fast, and it can even grow taller with each passing year. Every spring, you’ll be delighted by the sweet aroma of its flowers.

10. Rose of Sharon

This is one of the best plants for backyard privacy hedge. It’s a popular flowering and deciduous shrub. Note: It needs full (or nearly full) sunshine. Pruning/maintenance factors into the overall appearance of the shrub and its blooms.

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